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Hack your jar, this is the motto of the Happytappi. Just like the home hacks that have always been applied to the Mason's jar or Bormioli jars in the USA and Italy. We have engineered and applied the principles of design to create steel caps capable of making any jar a tool for your kitchen.

GENA173V25 Tappo spremilimoni con vaso B

Hack your jar

Happytappi was born from a widespread need in the world of recycling: how to best use empty cans. The ingenuity of all the people who, over the years, have shown the interest and creativity needed to modify their cans came to our aid.

A step further

Not just simple ideas, but new and complex tools for the preparation and storage of your food, such as the truffle cutter, the veggie cap and the juicer: all made of stainless steel, for a virtually infinite duration.


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