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Art and ingenuity across the Atlantic

IPAC NY represents the victory of Italian ingenuity in the world. Born from a small shed in the heart of Tuscany, the IPAC brand has collected countless victories and successes over the years. He has been able to create a reference point in Italy for kitchen utensils, arriving to find fortune across the ocean to the heart of the United States of America.

Clippe MoMA BOX (1).jpg
logo MoMA store.jpg

One of the great international successes has been the exhibition of Clippe products at the MOMA museum, in whose store you can buy the exclusive clippe set dedicated to the famous museum of modern art.


Clippe is the brand chosen by MOMA as a union of industrial design, Italian ingenuity and love for recycling: a choice that rewards the combination of ecology and utility.

GEN101 Angurello  taglia e servi anguria
GEN101H Angurello taglia e servi anguria

Born in Italy, Angurello was the first, huge, international success for IPAC, a new and fun way to taste watermelon. Its design and function have been patented by IPAC and it has become a success in a very short time, thanks to the viral videos that have brought Angurello to the major US news sites and to the attention of the general public.

Today it is one of our most copied kitchen utensils, but only 1 is the original Anguello, made with high quality steels and following the original design that has made it an international star!

CUCCA ambientata A 03.jpg
OLIPACL250 Oliera 250 ml Olipac singola

Ipac was one of the first companies in the kitchen utensil sector to apply its steel know-how to the conservation of extra virgin olive oil.

Scientific studies, in fact, have shown that stainless steel is the ideal material for storing oil and keeping its organoleptic and nutritional values ​​unchanged for longer than any other material. From these studies and this research Olipac was born, the brand dedicated to the culture of extra virgin olive oil and good food.

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We have been happy to participate for years in the Chicago fair dedicated to the home, with booths that always attract great interest among the American public. Our strengths are the care for design, the high quality of steel and the constant search for innovation in form and function.

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